Installing World of AI

Having trouble installing World of AI? This tutorial will help you out.

All images can be enlarged by clicking them, they will open in a new tab.


Step 1: Getting the installer and world-of-ai downloader

You can get the World of AI installer from, click the AVSIM link on the right. I suggest using AVSIM as we will also be using AVSIM to download the models.

The world-of-ai downloader can be found here:, on the bottom of the post there is a link to the download. My antivirus marked it as a virus, it isn’t so you can just add it to the whitelist.

In the World of AI Downloader

Step 2: Open the world-of-ai downloader

You might get a security warning, just click Run.

Step 3: In the world-of-ai-downloader, fill in your AVSIM credentials

world of ai downloader avsim

Step 4: Make sure the drop down list below Sim: is set to FSX

world of ai downloader sim

Step 5: Select a download folder, I just made a folder in my Downloads folder

world of ai downloader download folder

Step 6: In the Available Packages section, select the packages you want to install

If you have slow internet, I suggest you download the Passengers Airlines and Cargo Airlines packages first. You can download and install the other ones later.

world of ai downloader packages

Step 7: On the bottom right of the program, click Download Selected Packages

You can check the Overall progress bar to see when it’s finished.

world of ai downloader download

While installing, it should look something like this

world of ai downloader downloading

We’re now done downloading the packages.


In the World of AI Installer

Step 8: Open the zip file called, with WinRAR or 7-zip

Step 9: Run WOAI Installer.exe

You might get a security warning, just click Run.

Don’t yet close the zip file, as the installer and the files it requires will be removed from the temp folder.

Step 10: Click Next on the bottom right of the installer

Step 11: At Select WOAI Package to install, click the button that has two dots in it

This will open the file browser

world of ai installer packages

Step 12: In the file browser, select all the packages you just downloaded and click Open

You’ll notice that there will only be one package showing up in the text box below Select WOAI Packages to install, this is normal.

world of ai installer 1 package

Step 13: Set Target to Microsoft Flight Simulator X

world of ai installer fsx

Step 14: Make sure the FSX path and FSX subfolder text boxes are right

If not, you can type the file path yourself or open the file browser using the button with two dots in it.

world of ai installer path
Keep in mind that above picture is an example, and the paths may be different for you!

Step 15: If all of that is done, click Next

Step 16: Now read the important notice, just kidding, check the I Agree checkbox and click Install

There will be a list showing the progress of the installation, once it’s done the right bottom button will change to Exit.

Step 17: Click Exit if you are done, if you want to remove an airline you can click Expert

You can also exit the Expert using the Exit button on the top left.

The packages should be installed now! Enjoy!


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