Easy normal to phonetic translator

The Phonetic Alphabet is a good thing to know, but what if you need to convert a string of text to the phonetic alphabet really quickly? This program helps you out!


Since I’ve gotten into flight simming, it requires me to know the Phonetic Alphabet (stuff like: lima, alpha, bravo, foxtrot)

Basically, the phonetic alphabet has a full word for each separate letter. (a: alpha, b: bravo…)

As I didn’t find a tool for this online, I made a program myself.

Here is a virus scan for the program

Click here to download it.

Hope you enjoy it!

Screenshots for those that want proof:

 Startup screen.

 Normal to Phonetic translation of nickjedl. Spaces will become a “_”.

 Phonetic to Normal translation. Again, a “_” will become a space.