Excel Accountancy Program

Excel accountancy program in development.

Hello there


I have been working on an accountancy program powered by Excel.

I’ve been doing this because having a bookkeeping is always a plus when starting your own company.

However, most accountancy programs are super expensive, and they are a cost that new companies can’t afford.

So how can we fix this issue? Perhaps make our own!

The program is powered by Excel and VBA.

Features the program currently has:

  • Add a new logbook entry
    > Keeping a log of all money transfers, purchases etc is really necessary for a good bookkeeping, therefor, I made it so that every logbook entry is nicely logged in a list with all necessary information (What the transfer was, Document number, Company involved, Date, Price, etc).
  • Add a new customer or suppliers
    > This way we can check if someone owes you money, or you owe them money.
  • Account status (Homepage)
    > This way we get a nice list of how much debts you have or how much profit you’ve made
  • State of the bookkeeping
    > A little list with things like: how much taxes you have payed so far or how much customers owe you money
  • Inventory
    > A list with everything you own

If it’s done I might translate it to English and upload it to the web!

Thanks for reading!


Here are some screenshots!

Logbook entry system:

Logboek Logboek vol

Gebeurtenis leeg Gebeurtenis

Customer or suppliers system:

Klant leeg Klant



Excel homepage



Inventory vol

State of bookkeeping:


Rekeningstaat gemaakt

And here is a little bonus of the file size so far: